Thank you for your purchase! Here are the instructions on how to care for your horn:

1. Nothing hot, and no dishwasher

2. Rinse your horn out when you are done drinking from it, no one wants to drink yesterday’s beer today.

3. You can occasionally use warm water and soap to wash your horn, don’t scrub and rinse thoroughly (make sure to only use soap you’d use to wash dishes by hand)

4. To sanitize your horn, I recommend putting a shot of liquor in it from time to time, something 80 proof and above. (Feel free to repeat this step as often as you like).

5. As yearly care for your horn, oil its exterior with an oil you don’t mind eating. I recommend grapeseed oil as it won’t go rancid. Put a small bit on a cloth, and wipe the outside of the horn. After a minute or two, you’ll

see the horn has soaked up everything it needs, you then wipe off all the excess and repeat next year. This just helps with the longevity of your horn

Thanks again!